WRA 150

Over the course of my tier one writing class, Evolution of American Thought, I have grown tremendously as a writer. This class has really taught me how to organize my writing and ideas in ways I have never thought about using in my writing career before. By doing this, I have been able to expand my writing and bring it to new levels. With the numerous papers we have written in WRA 150, I believe I have become a more developed writer, and have began to think outside of the box so I can reach out to more readers. By letting my writing reach out to more readers, I have expanded my focus, development, language, but most of all my audience. These topics have really gave me a struggle in the past, but I believe this class has really allowed me to accomplish how to correctly portray these topics in my writing. Along with making sure your reader can understand what you are talking about, I found that it is also important to make sure that you are using the correct grammar and language. Without the right grammar and language usage in your essays you will leave the reader confused and not knowing. I learned that sometimes a simple comma can change the whole meaning of a sentence. When you are writing it is important that you are as clear as possible and by adding the right punctuation can help out both the reader and writer a lot. The disciplinary literacy that I decided to talk about was education. I think this was an interesting paper to write. We had to research the topic of education. I think the hardest part about this was choosing who I was going to interview and finding a scholarly book and articles to talk about in my paper. This was so difficult because it was something I was never used to doing prior to this class. It took a lot of researching and time in the library to finally figure out what it was I was going to include in my actual paper. I am very thankful that I took WRA 150. It will be used to help me create all different types of papers in my future classes that I will be taking here at Michigan State. Without the experience of this class, I would not be as confident with my writing skill and would probably struggle in the future. All three papers and my remix project have allowed me to grow as a writer and become more experienced in the field.

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In wra I have learned a lot of things that i never thought i would have learned before.  I have learned the things that I should and shouldn’t put in my papers.  After the course has been going on and on, I have really grown as a writer.  My writing skills have allowed me to produce more well rounded papers than I have been writing previous to this class.  Although not all of my papers have been perfect I am going to be given the chance of fixing one of my papers.  In this paper I will fix what I did not do right the first time.  I will look at the rubric and see where I fell short of the requirements and make sure I fix my paper to the best of my ability so that I can receive a 4.0 on my paper.  This will also give me the practice that I will need to make sure that I don’t mess up my next papers.  By doing this I will become a more experienced writer and will always strive for that level when creating papers.

In the next few weeks I will be turning in my research paper about education.  This paper wasn’t very hard for me to write because I enjoy writing research papers.  By writing this paper I have learned a lot of information that I had not previously learned about my discipline. By learning this information I have been more informed about what it is i am going to be doing for the rest of my life.  With this knowledge I will be more willing to be successful in my area of study.  By reading a book and talking to people about my future profession, I have gained a lot of knowledge that had never been apparent in my life before.  All of this has giving me the encouragement to reach my goals and do whatever I need to do to become successful.

Not only has this paper helped me think about my life and future but also all of the papers I have written for WRA have helped me.  This is why I believe the final paper will help me a lot.  It will be my final reflection of everything that I have written about throughout the course of the semester.  I am very excited to write this paper so that I will gain an even better understanding of my previous papers.


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Since I have been away at college, I have really transformed my writing abilities.  I have learned the correct way to arrange my paper, which is something I have always struggled with.  I have also been learning how to express myself better in my writing than I used to be able to while I was in high school.  The first two papers I had to write were about my personal and cultural literacies. Of course, I’m sure you would be able to guess that I decided to write my personal literacy on gymnastics; but not just gymnastics, how gymnastics allowed me to always be hardworking and determined to succeed.I went through my old paper and picked out the main points to turn into digital form.This part was probably the hardest because there was so much in the paper and it was hard to pick a few specific things that would explain everything I was trying to get across in my presentation.  I decided to go through my paper and highlight the key ideas.  This allowed me to narrow down my options and focus on the important pieces of the paper.  After I went through my personal literacy paper, I decided it was time to begin creating a script.  I thought this scrip would allow me to organize my ideas and allow me to portray my writing much easier in the video, and I was right.  If I would not have written a script my video would have been much harder to create and the arrangement of my ideas would not have been clear and focused.  My cultural literacy was on the Statue of Liberty and how freedom shapes everyones lives.  Writing these papers have allowed me to work on all different sorts of things that I never even knew existed in the writing world.  I have learned how to stay more focused on the topic at hand.  In this class, we are encouraged to write from the heart.  This allows us to include out personal style and experiences into our writing which is something I am not very used to doing.  This year as a freshman, I have also learned the importance of remembering who your audience is while you are writing a paper.  This writing tool can have a great impact on the style of the writing and the tone you may choose to write the paper in. Not only is the audience an important part of writing, but also the revision once you are done writing.  Revising my work used to be something I payed little attention to while I was in high school but now I realize how important the revision process really is.  My writing class so far has really prepared me for writing papers in future classes and after completing this course I know I will be ready to take on papers in other classes and be successful.


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For my blog this week, I decided to talk about the readings we read in class this week and my different reading styles. The two different reading approaches differed greatly.  The first selection was read with a more personal feel. It was easier to connect to the reading. The second selection was more informative and seemed to be more formal than the first selection.

My typical reading strategies would be to read an informational piece with great attention. I would keep in mind the different facts that the author is talking about and see if there is a certain style or voice in the informational piece.

My typical reading behaviors would be highlighting while I read so that I can take out the important information.  If I were to read the first passage I wouldn’t have to take notes or highlight, but if i read the second passage I would need to use these behaviors to fully understand what the author is trying to get across.

Reading different material forced me to have different reading styles.  The more formal the writing piece is the more effort i have to put into reading so i can fully understand what exactly I am reading.  Reading is a very tricky process and much can be gained or lost depending on how you go about with your reading style.


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A New Challenge

I think I am going to research a field in special education.  I will be research how the classroom is run differently from a regular classroom. My question would be what is involved in this type of work? how many hours would I have to work? I would also want to look into how many years I would have to go to school, and what degree would be required to be a certified teacher in special education.  I want to make sure that all of the answers to my questions are something i can see myself doing so then I don’t graduate and become a special education teacher and hate my job and what I will be stuck doing for the rest of my life. This field is something that I can see myself doing because I like working with children and kids that are less advantaged than others in their surroundings. This week I started working on my video project.  I got pictures of gymnasts doing different skills and I planned on having them flash across the screen to add a more dramatic effect.  I think I am going to start my video off by using me when I was younger and inspiring to be like the older girls that were doing difficult skills and then lead up to me when I was at that level.  I will incorporate hard work and determination in which I gained throughout the sport of gymnastics.  This will give a new edge to my video, instead of it just being about a sport like many others are considering doing.  In my video I am going to add voice to give it a more dramatic feel and to catch the audience, and a song.  I am going to have to research a song that has to do with never giving up or about working hard or something along those lines.  Having a song playing in the background will all for the reader to not become bored with the pictures that are being presented.  I am really excited for this project because it will allow me to put my creative strengths to work.  I am excited to turn my written work into a new form so I can share my writing with people in a different mode.  This project kind of reminds me of an author creating a video out of their writing which is always a big deal, so it should be a fun and interesting project that lies ahead.


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Remix Project

This week in WRA we learned a lot that will help us in the future when we create our remix project.  On wednesday we went to writing center Bessey Hall and learned how to create an movie project in imovie.  Going to this workshop taught me a lot about the program I will need to use.  It will make it a lot easier when I “remix” my personal literacy and my cultural literacy. This project will give me the opportunity to practice multimodal writing and using visual rhetoric.  We also went to the library on monday and got a tour to prepare us for our fourth paper; our disciplinary literacy.  I will be able to show my knowledge about what I would like to be when I am older through reading the writing for my area of interest. I am not sure yet if I am going to analyze a textbook or text, a scholarly article, or interview a professor.  While in the library we learned about the different sources available to help us construct this paper.  Since my area of study is still undecided, I am just going to write my paper on a field that interests me.  So I think I will be writing my paper on education.  I think I will specifically studying in a field of special education.  I think this field will give me a new in site to peoples lives.  I like working with disable people so I believe that this would be a good field for me.  I will probably be analyze a scholarly article about the subject of special education.  By doing this assignment, I will have more knowledge of this discipline. If I decided to not write about a scholarly article, I would probably interview a professor in the field of education.  This would be able to give me the first hand knowledge I would need.  The interviewee could tell me about the ups and downs and ins and outs of the profession.  This would give me a perfect chance to help decide if that is the way I would like to spend my life doing.  Will all of the preparation from this week, I believe I will be able to finish these two assignments successfully.  I have been given the back ground information I need to conduct the research and to create the video in imovie, there for I will be successful in WRA.

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Cultural Literacy Paper

This week we had to write a cultural literacy paper. In this paper I invented a paper that is based on the work of art, the Statue of Liberty.  I used the statue to talk about how it represents freedom in the American culture.  I arranged my paper by first starting off by introducing the statue and telling background information about it and then went on about talking about the different pieces of the statue and how it represents freedom in America.  I revised the paper by making sure it was in logical order and that the paper flowed correctly.  This paper will make the audience ponder the thought of what it would be like to be living in a country without personal freedoms and talk about the ongoing struggles Americans face on a daily basis to gain new freedoms. I think it was very important to talk about how freedom is important in my life today.  Without freedoms like we have in America, we would be living in daily fear of what could happen next.  For many people this is a normal to not live under a free state.  In my paper I also talked about how it was important to not take these rights we live by for granted.

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Multimodel Writing and Music- Mondays Blog post

In our group, we went outside of Akers Hall and started taking pictures of different items that shaped our society.  We did not just want to take random pictures, we made sure that they changed the way Americans live their lives.  We took pictures of a bike, a car, a tree, a soccer field, and a piano.  All of these items have influenced culture in their own way.  The bike and car serve as a way of transportation.  Without transportation influencing people, no one would be traveling around and ideas would not be expanding the american culture.  The tree symbolizes strength in the society. The roots hold down the tree and keep it in place, just like the foundation of a family does for its family members.  The soccer field and piano represents different hobbies in the american culture.  Sports and music shape peoples lives greatly.  Taking pictures of items allowed me to look at the items in a different shed of light.  Each different angle we took of the pictures made you look at the artifact differently.  The pictures were worth a thousand words.  Having a visual to write about allowed the mind to expand because you could see each item differently.  Along with the mulitmodel writing, we also talked about how music shapes our society.  The author talks about how there are three different planes in music.  The first plane talks about how the listener uses music as an escape and allows people to have a normal world.  They listen to the music for pure enjoyment.  While on the first plane the listener is absent minded listening to the music in the sensuous state.  The second plane is know as the expressive plane.  The music can be interpreted differently.  When listening to music on the second plane people begin to feel the music and use it as an expressive power.  As the author continues, the author talks about the third plane.  In this stage, people actually listen to the music to find the real meaning of the song.  The listener focuses on the lyrics and arrangement of the song.  Not only do they pay attention to the lay out of the song but also finds the deeper meaning of the song.  By listening to the deeper meaning of the song, people are able to express themselves through music notes.  This week in class was very successful and I learned a lot about multimodel writing and the article on music was interesting to see how different people look at the same thing in culture, in so many different ways.

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Mulitmodel Writing

Group 2: Brooke Gerrish, Joe Ferro, and Chastity Yenshaw

The artifacts that we have chosen are a car, a tree, a piano, a soccer field, and a bicycle. We selected the artifacts because they had a significant meaning to the people in our culture. We selected the final five pictures because they showed the best angle to portray the significance in the picture. Each item in the picture has changed or shaped the American culture as we know it today. The car symbolizes means of transportation. Without transportation, people would not be able to connect and advance society. The tree symbolizes strength and antiquity of the people in the American culture. Trees imply our cultures unique features. Trees allude to home or property, and they are also considered a symbol of life and strength. The piano symbolizes the importance of music to our society. People in society can relate to music, but everyone has their different interpretations and ideas about music. The soccer field represents the importance of athletics to the American culture. People in society use sports to interact and sa way to escape from the troubles in society. People also use sports as entertainment to connect with friends and family. The bicycle is significant to the younger culture because it is their means of transportation without an adult. The bicycle is also significant to college students or people without transportation because it serves as a form of mobility when there is no other means of transportation. These five items are significant and helped to shape the American culture.

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Cultural Artifact: Camera

For my cultural artifact I decided to bring in a camera.  I thought this object would work great for my cultural artifact.  I believe this because the purpose of a camera is to capture memories so that you can remember what has been in your past.  By taking pictures you can also see how things evolve. For example if you look at a picture of someone as a child and then look at a new picture fifteen years later, you would see a significant difference between the two pictures.

Seeing these differences not only in pictures of people but also pictures of certain items, like cars.  Over the years the cars have dramatically changed and by capturing photos of the cars, one can really notice the difference in the change in culture. By seeing the changes in a culture through my cultural artifact, a camera, one can be more literate in the culture.

Without camera’s in society, one would not be able to see the difference in times of the past to the present. Cameras can serve as a time machine into the past. Not only are cameras a time machine into the past but can also help share knowledge of recent events.  For example, say someone that is really close to you cannot make it to something important but still wants to know what was occurring at the event, a camera can serve as a connection and gives people a visual of either events they could not attend or cameras can be used to bring back certain memories such as a wedding.

When a person goes to a museum, one of the main ways of showing information about a certain era that happened years ago is through pictures.  This is because pictures serve as a visual item that are appealing to the eye which gets observers more interested in the information that is being presented because it allows them to connect a picture with written information they are hearing or reading.

Even though times are changing, many people are able to keep up with the past and present because of the camera.  In the past few years, cameras have been changing from the original type of the polaroid camera, to the present form of a digital camera.  The technology in the camera industry has been changing and allowing it to be easier for users to see their pictures faster and at a higher quality.  I believe this is because people are beginning to realize the importance of a camera to our society.  If the camera can keep up to the high speed changing world, then it will serve as a good cultural artifact in future years.


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